What If Your Next Mission Trip Had
More Mission and Less Trip?

More Mission

A community that has 90% unemployment

Where life expectancy for a male is 52 years

Where an average of 17 people live in two-bedroom homes

Where 60% of those homes need to be demolished

This place is called Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

Less Trip

Giving a home to a family in need

Building it on your Church parking lot

Sending it to Pine Ridge

Engaging your congregation

Witnessing to your community

Awaken Your Church

When you really think about it, short-term mission trips all have the same destination. It’s not a spot on a map—it’s a tug on the heart, a tear in the eye, and hopefully a new determination to serve others in the name of Jesus wherever there is a need.

You can have that take place as close as your church parking lot.

You Are Needed.

You can impact one of the most impoverished places in the United States while awakening your church to the reality of the great commission. Thousands of people are affected in the community, and they are facing a devastating housing crisis.

By building a Little Dream House, you make a positive impact on the community and make a way to tangibly enter into gospel conversations.

To understand how you can make a difference, watch this video.

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